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Yo-Zuri Superfluoro

Yo-Zuri Superfluoro

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Engineered using the finest raw materials and an exclusive extrusion process, Yo-Zuri® SuperFluoro Fluorocarbon Leader combines exceptional performance with an affordable price. You'll find this Japanese 100% fluorocarbon leader to be manageable with easy-to-tie properties. High-molecular-weight fluorocarbon ensures excellent knot, shock, and overall strength paired with exceptional abrasion resistance. Tested by Yo-Zuri pro-staff around the world, SuperFluoro leader makes an excellent inshore choice for targeting striped bass, snook and tarpon around structure or chasing big-game pelagic species like bluefin and sailfish.

  • High-quality Japanese 100% fluorocarbon leader
  • Manageable and easy to tie properties
  • Excellent knot, shock, and overall strength
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance
  • Ideal for fresh- or saltwater use
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