About Us

Tall Tales was started over 30 years ago, by my Uncle Dave. My brother and I were lucky enough to spend our youth packing bait and learning the tackle business from him. As the years passed, Dave was ready to move on, and I was excited to carry the torch of the family business.

Fishing has united our family over several generations. From outings with our Dad and our Grandpa at an early age, to our annual trips to the Outer Banks, fishing has been an ongoing conversation in our family and a favorite way to enjoy our time together. It was a right of passage to pack nightcrawlers at the bait store as a teenager or to (hopefully) earn your stripes on a deep sea fishing trip. When fishing brings so much joy to your life, it’s only natural to share that with each generation, just as ownership of Tall Tales has recently passed from uncle to nephew.

Don’t let our tale be the only one, though! We attend fishing shows around the US throughout the year, so that we can share our growing knowledge with you. And when you get that big catch, send us a pic, and we’ll feature in store and online. As kids, we loved to skim the Hall of Fame board of polaroids in the shop and want to once again highlight the accomplishments of the local fishing community.

Thanks for your business. We look forward to seeing you in store, online and on the water.

-The DeBee Family