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VMC Fastgrip Wide Gap Worm Hook

VMC Fastgrip Wide Gap Worm Hook

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Quick, sure hooksetting on the pickup. Fewer thrown hooks during the fight. The VMC® Fastgrip® Wide-Gap Worm Hook is a plastic tosser's best friend, providing the secure penetration and holding power needed to convert those light takes to actual bass in the well. This Z-Lock worm hook features 3 Fastgrip microbarbs on the business end, for penetration power that's proven 15% more effective than that of an ordinary point. Forged from Vanadium® steel, the VMC is rated at 1X strong. Wide-gap design presents foul-ups.

  • Z-Lock worm hook with 3 Fastgrip microbarbs
  • 15% greater penetration power
  • Enables fast hooksets with a secure hold
  • 1X strong; forged from Vanadium steel
  • Wide-gap design presents foul-ups

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