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Temple Reef

Temple Reef 66 Grand Cru

Temple Reef 66 Grand Cru

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Introducing the Grand Cru - a fishing rod that's designed to take on the toughest challenges with ease. Whether you're dropping into a wreck or need extra stopping power, the Grand Cru does what was previously impossible, now with unrivalled action and incredible backbone.

Featuring a proprietary 2-piece 70/30 joint design and Temple Reef's Direct Sensory System™ (DSS), the Grand Cru delivers unparalleled power, performance, and sensitivity. The innovative 70/30 joint design allows for increased power and sensitivity, while the DSS technology transfers vibrations directly from the line to the angler's hand for improved bite detection and faster response times.

With Grand Cru, you'll be able to horse a Grouper away from structure or pump and wind with on-demand power. The rod's incredible backbone and sensitivity give you the confidence to tackle any fishing challenge with ease.

The Grand Cru's stylish matte deep burgundy red finish is a true testament to its quality, and it's a fishing rod made for the connoisseur. With its unique blend of power, performance, and elegance, the Grand Cru is sure to impress any angler.

Thank you for considering Temple Reef for your fishing needs. Get your hands on the Grand Cru today, and experience fishing like never before.

Model 66GC-1 66GC-2 66GC-3
Guides Fuji KTAG Fuji KTAG Fuji KTAG
Piece 2 pcs 70/30 joint 2 pcs 70/30 joint 2 pcs 70/30 joint
Length 6'6" 6'6" 6'6"
Lure (g) 100-300 150-400 200-500
Action Mod Slow Mod Slow Mod Slow
Weight (g) 144 150 162
Pack Length (cm) 114 114 114
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