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Salmo Rattlin' Hornet (Floating)

Salmo Rattlin' Hornet (Floating)

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How do you make one of the most successful lures of all time even better? Introducing the Rattlin’ Hornet! Hand Crafted in Europe, every Rattlin’ Hornet is painstakingly assembled, painted, tank tested and hand tuned to ensure it produces results right out of box. Available in three sizes, the floating Rattlin’ Hornet features the revolutionary Salmo Infinity Cast System (SICS) featuring a weight transfer mechanism to ensure the Hornet has exceptional range with every cast. The Rattlin’ Hornet’s new rattle chamber, combined with its already proven swimming action and Triple Grip Mustad KVD hooks, the Rattlin’ Hornet is a universal, multi-purpose weapon that will catch all predatory fish. Backed by Salmo’s Lifetime Warranty, the Rattlin’ Hornet will provide years of aggressive strikes and always come back for more.

• In the Salmo line-up since 2014
• Lure type: crankbait
• One version: Floating (FL)
• Three sizes: 1-3/4 ” 2-1/8 ” and 2-1/2”
• Salmo Infinity Cast System (SICS)
• 3D eyes
• Internal rattles
• High-Impact Plastic (HIP)
• Ultrasonic Body Welding (UBW)
• Polycarbonate lip
• Individually Hand Tuned & Tank Tested
• Mustad KVD hooks
• Rasco split rings (made in USA)
• Proudly made in Poland

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