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Mustad Plastic Skirted Circle Bait Hook Sabiki Rig

Mustad Plastic Skirted Circle Bait Hook Sabiki Rig

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Mustad has directed great efforts towards the development of these high-end Sabiki Rigs. Using only the best quality UltraPoint®hooks and leader material. Each rig is selected with the right size hook and line combination to provide maximum efficiency. The Mustad Sabiki Rig is perfect for catching bait, but also targeting bigger fish, all depending on the hook size and location. The Mustad Sabiki rig is perfect for catching Snappers, Mackerel, Haddock or Cod. Each rig comes with a snap swivel for attaching your weight on one end and a swivel, which can be tied to your main line.

  • Circle Bait Rig
  • Monofilament line
  • Black nickel hooks
  • Skirted plastic
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