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Mister Twister

Mister Twister Phenom

Mister Twister Phenom

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A household name in the fishing industry, Mister Twister has been making some of the most effective and well-known lures for years, including the Mister Twister Phenom Worm. Measuring in at 6” in length, the Mister Twister Phenom Worm features a round, ribbed profile and a lively curled tail that produces an irresistible fluttering action.

Whether it’s rigged on a drop shot or shakey head, the highly versatile Mister Twister Phenom Worm is capable of attracting all species, from bass to trout and perch to pike. Try the Mister Twister Phenom Worm one time and you’ll see why so many anglers consider it to be “phenom-enal.”

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