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Googan Slizzard

Googan Slizzard

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The Googan Baits Slizzard Lizard was designed to evolve lizard fishing for the modern angler. The patented V-Ridge double-flange on all appendages creates maximum water displacement to lure bites throughout the entire water column in all water conditions. The newly engineered segmented body allows the Slizzard to articulate a life-like movement creating an irresistible presentation from the fall through the entire retrieve. The Slizzard comes in at 5 inches, but stretches to 7 inches with the tail fully extended, and is infused with Slaunch Sauce Scent.

  • Segmented Body for Life-Like Movement
  • Long Sickle-Tail & Legs Engineered with V-Ridge Double-Flange 
  • The Slizzard works well in both fast and slow retrievals and is perfect in a wide range of applications from a Carolina-rig, Texas-rig, and can even be used as a trailer on a buzz bait.
  • Slaunch Sauce Scent
  • 7 Inches with Tail Fully Extended 

The Slizzard has the ability to produce bites in any body of water it touches year-round with these proven techniques. The tried and true Texas rig weightless or add your preferred 1/8-1/2 oz. Tungsten Worm Weight to fish the entire water column effectively. Alternatively, dragging a Carolina Rig can cover more water and is a staple approach to fishing ledges and structure like gravel banks or shell beds. For most rigging applications Googan recommends pairing the Slizzard with their Green Series or Gold Series Mondo EWG Hook 4/0-6/0. Whatever your preferred style of fishing is, the Slizzard will deliver big bites.

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