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Daiwa Tactical View Multi-Purpose Organizing Bag

Daiwa Tactical View Multi-Purpose Organizing Bag

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The key to efficient tackle organization is having everything in its place. These bags enjoy a Clear View which enables easy identification of contents. The bags come in three sizes Medium, Large and Extra Large. The Marine Grade Isinglass is tough, durable and scratch-resistant. The pouch dimensions are Well-suited for Packaged Soft Plastics. These Water Resistant bags are built for the long haul with Quality Zippers and Reinforced Closures.  The best way to know what you have is to see what you have. Daiwa’s TACTICAL VIEW ORGANIZING BAGS makes it easy to identify a bag's contents simplifying the tackle organization process.


  • Clear View Bag
  • Three Sizes: Medium, Large and Extra Large
  • Marine Grade Isinglass Pouch
  • Well-suited for Packaged Soft Plastics
  • Quality Zippers
  • Water-Resistant
  • Reinforced Closures
  • Medium  (8.5” X 6”)
  • Large  (9” X 12”)
  • X-Large ( 11” X 14”)
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