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Chaos Tackle

Chaos Tackle Shum Shum Mini Tap Dancer

Chaos Tackle Shum Shum Mini Tap Dancer

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Shum Shum Mini Tap Dancers are one of the finest hand made wooden gliders on the market today. These 5" lures swing effortlessly as they glide from side to side enticing and fooling even the smartest muskies that swim. Just a slight tap of the rod will bring the "Mini Tap Dancer" to life. No heavy jerks or hard pulls required to get these lures to glide perfectly. Mini Tap Dancers run as good in current as most glides run in calm water.  Don't find yourself without these fish magnets in your box. Tie one on and "GET YOU SHUM"

Hooks 2 Black Trident Treble Hooks 3/0

Length  5"

Weight   3 oz

Action   Quick turns - Strong belly roll - quick glide and hang

Designed to run as good in current as in a lake

Depth   1-3'

 NEW Chaos Tackle Shum 5” Glider tails

Please note that this product is sold without packaging.


Replacement tails

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