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Bett's Tyzac Mono Cast Net

Bett's Tyzac Mono Cast Net

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Model: CM4-I

4 ft radius

3/8' mesh

Product Description

Betts Tyzac Mono cast nets are the best of the best. They’re better performing, with a 20-25% larger spread for the same price as the competition.

  • ⅜” mesh made of premium mono
  • Comes in a vinyl bag
  • Weighs ¾ lb per foot
  • Opens fully and designed to sink fast
  • Packed with complete “how to” instructions
  • Designed for baits 2 to 5 inches in shallow water
  • All knots are double tied and glued with epoxy
  • Special TR3 lightweight abrasive resistant netting for quick sinking and long wear
  • New assembly technique using treated bonded thread
  • Balanced with correct weight for super fast sinking and full spread
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