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Berkley Thinfisher

Berkley Thinfisher

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Berkley has made the The Original Johnson® ThinFisher™ even better! One of the most popular Blade Baits on the market, the ThinFisher’s compact shad-shape profile has upgraded cosmetics, upgraded high-quality snap and custom Fusion 19™ black nickel trebles. The combination of metal body, sonic rattle chamber and hooks makes the ThinFisher one of the noisiest blade baits on the market. The body and three original pull points were maintained to provide for a wide range of techniques and actions whether vertical jigging or cast and retrieve. _Pro Tip: Vary your retrieve speed from slow to fast and work in short , hard rips to generate strikes.

  • Upgraded cosmetic finishes
  • Upgraded High Quality Easy-change snap
  • Upgraded with sharp Fusion19™ black nickel treble hooks
  • Original shad-shape design delivers an aggressive wobble and high side flash
  • Built-in sonic rattle chamber
  • Three Tow Points: 1. High speed retrieve, light vibration 2. Medium speed retrieve, medium vibration 3. Slow speed retrieve, wide vibration
  • Cast and retrieve or vertical jigging
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