Lake Erie Fishing Report 4/23/21

Lake Erie Fishing Report 4/23/21

This is our first Erie report of '21 and we will continue these posts as long as we get solid, reliable data to relay to you guys, they will continue.  

Most of our customers have been fishing in and around Kelley's island although we have had really good reports coming out of Cleveland as well.  If you want to try Cleveland, try running Perfect 10s over 3.0mph in water from 15-25ft deep.  Reaction strikes have been good as the fish are coming out of spawn, looking to feed.  

In and around Kelley's, we are hearing 30-40 feet of water has been best and primarily fish are being caught on custom Bowed Up Bandits.  These are being flat lined trolled anywhere from 50-70 feet back.  Primarily, our customers are running 14# Trilene XL, or 10# Trilene XT, but a few are running Ande or Power Pro braided line as well. 

Stock colored Bandits in darker colors have produced some fish (Fruit Dots, Popsicle) but the biggest fish our customers reported were on Custom Bandit (Bowed Up Lures) colors in Serpentor, Little Mac, and RC Pro Am.  See the photos for evidence!

We have had many anglers throwing Purple and purple and black bucktail jigs but most of what we are hearing is the bite is not good enough to wade through the bycatch of drum and catfish.  These fish are being targed in water from 10-18 feet.  

Just a note for any of you guys here.  If you haven't heard by now, Bandits and Perfect 10s are very hard to come by!  Try and get them from your local shops now if you run them into the summer.  Also, Stinger was acquired late last year and they have dropped a TON (700+) of colors, and certain colors are not available with certain colored backs any long.  If you have some spoons you really like, check with your local shops to stock up before they will be gone!  


Thanks for reading, and feel free to dm us any data or reports you have and we will add it to the next report.  


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