Fishing Report 7/28/23

Fishing Report 7/28/23

This week's pictures were sent by Stanley Roar of his fishing trip Saturday.  Stanley and his boys caught these fish Saturday afternoon on tube jigs and white curly tails tipped with wax worms. They threw back over a dozen other bluegill and crappie and caught a pike along with the bluegill and crappie.  

We are still getting good reports from the Greenbower and Rockhill areas of bluegill and crappie along with some catfish.  Wax worms and jigs with Panfish Assassins  have been the most popular baits for both bluegill and crappie.  

The 224 bridge also held some crappie this week with those being caught mostly on Panfish Assassins as well.  

If you're boating on Berlin, target areas near the railroad trestle for crappie and look for walleye north of the 224 bridge.  Try trolling flicker minnows in size 5 as well as nightcrawler harnesses to target the walleye.  

 Lake Erie

Almost exclusively, our reported limits were caught on either Badmo or Stinger spoons run on Dipsy Divers, either out of Cleveland, Ashtabula, or Geneva.  The deeper the anglers fished, the less short fish they had to wade through.  Almost all 2-4 man limits had a mixture of steelhead thrown in.  There were a handful of fish caught on Bomber 15As run on Dipsys as well.  

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