Fishing Report 7/21/23

The areas around the bridges on Greenbower and Rockhill have been far and above the most popular locations to fish this week.  Fish have been trapped in shallow pools in this area and many anglers from shore are reporting catches of good sized bluegill, crappie, and catfish.  

Maggots, wax worms, and redworms have been the most popular baits for anglers targeting this area.  Most anglers are using small jigs under a float to target these fish.  

With the rain we just received, we expect the other areas of the lakes to improve slightly, but we will need quite a bit more to make a larger impact.  

Lake Erie 

Lake Erie continues to be excellent, with limits of fish being reported from Cleveland to Ashtabula.  Essentially, the deeper you go, the less smaller fish you will have to wade through.  Most of the smaller spoons (Stinger Scorpions and 2.5" Badmos) have been far and above the most popular baits.  We also have gotten reports of Spoon Harnesses with nightcrawlers (Wormburners or Stinger) being very productive this week.  

If you are looking for perch, they have been catching quite a few perch closer to the Sandusky and Port Clinton areas, with fish being caught on Rapala Jiggin Raps as well as sabiki rigs tipped with red worms, maggots or wax worms.  

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