Fishing Report 5/19/23


Fishing has been excellent this past week for both walleye and crappie.   Many fish have been caught in shallow water (less than ten feet) and most of the bigger crappie coming from the Southern end of Berlin.  

After the rain finishes on Saturday morning, look for the weather to be excellent later into Saturday and Sunday and the majority of next week.  Get out and fish; Before you know it, it will be 90 degrees and more humid than the tropics.  

Crappie-  Crappie moved shallow in the last week with most fish being caught in 2-6 FOW, primarily on jigs with 1.5-2" soft plastics tipped with maggots, but the crappie were so aggressive they were eating jigs tipped with nightcrawlers as walleye anglers were sorting through them as well.  The more structure you could find shallow, the better you would do.  Shore fishing, wading, and shallow boat fishing was excellent with lots of stringers of 10" + fish as well as multiple limits being reported.  Target the crappie with Bobby Garland or Panfish Assassins in darker colors with a 1/16 oz jighead.  

Walleye-  Walleye were mixed in with crappie, mostly found on high banks or points, as well as in the willows.  The southern end of the lake near the German Church ramp has been more productive in the past week.  We are not hearing of many fish being caught trolling outside of a few on nightcrawler harnesses in shallow water.  Most of the walleye are being caught on short shank live bait jigs tipped with nightcrawlers in 4-8 FOW.  Target the walleye with leeches or nightcrawlers on nightcrawler harnesses or live bait jigs under the greenest willow trees you can find.  

White Bass-  There are still a few straggler white bass around, but the river run is heading towards the end.  There were a few fish caught on the 17th at the dam below Murphy's Muffler shop. Look for those fish to move back out into deeper water in Berlin.  There have been a few around the Price St. and Greenbower bridges, but most of the fish have moved back to the main lake at this point.  

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