4/8/22 Fishing Report

Walleye have still been caught over the past week in the below locations, despite the cooler, rainy weather.  We have also seen a fair amount of wipers, and a few crappie mixed in.  


The top three locations to target walleye this weekend into next week would be as follows:

1) West Branch dam area- West Branch was the last area to have their walleye spawn begin and should be the one to last the longest into April due to a late "ice off" period.  Musky have also been caught here.  Target fish with Berkley Hit Sticks, Rapala Husky Jerks, and Bomber 15As.  

2) Berlin Lake 224 Causeway:  This location is more consistent than the Lake Milton Spillway due to the water flow issues that Milton can have with rain/wet weather.  The bite has been better at night, with fish being caught in waves.  Target fish with VibE's, Bomber 15As, and Rippin Raps.  

3) Lake Milton Spillway:  Check the flow before you go.  By Googling "Mahoning River USGS Pricetown" you can see the river flow before you plan your trip.  You are typically targeting water flow that is 800 and below.  Look for perch to be mixed in with walleye.  Target fish with Jigging Raps and VibEs.  


Crappie fishing locally has been slow, but fish are being caught on 1/32 and 1/16 oz jigs with reaction bites. Until the water warms up, we do not see many crappie caught on live minnows around our area.  Load the jigs with small minnow bodied baits like Cast Cray Minners or Panfish Assassins.  


We are seeing some wipers being caught on jigs and larger swimbaits and soft plastics in Walborn in deeper water.  Look for the wipers to be near spillways/dams after we get rain.  


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