4/6/23 Fishing Report


We have been hearing reports of fish being caught in multiple spots, all over the area. The best spot we have heard of is the Mahoning river, guys are catching them daily there. In the river they are using ¼-⅛ oz jigs with a gulp minnow. We have also gotten reports that they are catching walleye out in front of the Deer Creek Spillway using a jig with a twister tail. They are also catching them out at the Milton Spillway, those guys have caught some good numbers out of there using a Vib”e” or a jigging rap. The Berlin 224 causeway and West Branch dam have had some people at them catching singles or doubles using a Vib”e” or throwing a jerkbait. 


The hotspot right now for musky is at the West Branch dam, they having catching them everyday with some guys getting 2-3 in a day, they are throwing Bomber Long A’s and Husky Jerks. The guys out there fishing are also catching walleye when they are fishing for musky so it is a pretty good time to go up there to try it out. Its a pretty lengthy walk but it is worth while to go there.


Reports are coming in on these being caught down by the Deer Creek Spillway. They’ve been caught on a variety of different baits such as chicken livers and 2.5-3” swimbaits either on a jig head or Texas rigged. Going there you have the chance to catch a variety of species of fish. 

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