4/20/23 Fishing Report

White Bass-

White bass are coming in if not already in all around the area! Reports say that they are stacking up at Greenbower! Many of the guys are using Rooster Tails and Jigs with Panfish Assassins to target them. Guys are catching them up by the Deer Creek dam as well with decent numbers coming out of there. Be forsure to get out and target them before big numbers of people get there and crowd the spots!


The bite is hot, wipers are getting caught a ton by the Deer Creek Spillway and in Walborn Reservoir. Good numbers and big fish are being caught in each body of water. A potential state record was caught by the Deer Creek Spillway last week with others being caught around 10-13lbs. The best numbers of wipers have been caught using chicken livers suspended under a float to keep them away from catfish for a short time. 


We’ve been hearing more and more reports of crappie being caught this week in a few locations. They have been caught by the dam in the Mahoning river as well as wading in Greenbower and fishing by the downed or sunken trees there. The best luck has been coming with a 1/16 oz jighead with a Panfish Assassin or just a minnow is working as well. The bite has also been good for crappie in and out of the trees over by the 225 bridge at night. Numbers have also been good in Berlin by fishing in trees and brush in about 8-14 feet of water using jigs.


Walleye are starting to be caught again but are mainly on accessible by boat. The best spot in the area has been in the trees north of the 224 bridge near and around the railroad bridge over there. People are catching them with live bait jigs with nightcrawlers on them. With throwing those they are catching a bunch of different species as well. 

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