4/13/2023 Fishing Report

With the warm weather this week it has been great for fishing! Fish are getting caught left and right all over the area!


Reports of Musky being caught have been coming in this past week and they are catching them up at the West Branch Dam from shore and on boats. They are throwing a stickbait that is about 4"-6" long in a variety of colors. They are up in there eating the walleye that are trying to spawn on the rocks.


Unfortunately the walleye bite from shore is soon coming to an end, but they are still catching them! There have been reports that the best luck is coming from up at the West Branch dam. They are catching them on the same baits as the musky, specifics being Husky Jerks and Bomber Long A’s. There also have been reports that people are catching walleye in the Mahoning River by the Greenbower bridge. With the walleye coming to an end that means the white bass are coming in. 

White Bass-

The bite is on! White bass are being caught in the Mahoning River at the Rockhill and Greenbower bridges. People are throwing rooster tails, twister tails on a small jighead, underspins with a crappie plastic, or on a nightcrawler and having luck catching them. There has been reports that White Bass are being caught down from the Deer Creek Spillway as well, using the same baits as Rockhill and Greenbower. Unlike Walleye, the White Bass actually feed when they are spawning so they will be biting like crazy here soon!


The crappie bite is getting better and better as the weather improves! The fish are preparing to spaw once the water gets to the right temp. Reports have came in that they are catching them at Deer Creek off of Price Street. The baits that are producing the best are small jigs with soft plastics and Bass Assassins.

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