3/19/23 Fishing Report

With the weather beginning to improve, we expect to be open every day (excluding Tuesdays) as of 3/24.  We will post our hours early next week when we have finalized the schedule.  We will open more and more as the weather improves but we want to be selective with how dynamic our early spring weather is. 

The Walleye spawn is on!  The last few days have seen more and more walleye being caught and it seems to have only improved in the last 24 hours.  The best areas have been the Berlin Causeway (224 Bridge) and the West Branch dam.  Keep in mind the fish are far more active at night.  Most of what we are hearing is 1-3 fish a night that are legally caught with a few snags.  

These numbers will only improve over the next week to two weeks and then the fishing will taper off.  So, now is the time to get geared up to go. 

The best baits have been the Rapala Ripstops, Husky Jerks, Shallow Flicker Shads, and VibEs, depending on the conditions.  A few other good baits that work well at this time of the year are the Bomber long As and the Rapala Rippin Raps and Vblades.  Come in the shop and we'll show you what to use. 

We are open 9AM-3PM this Saturday and Sunday!

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