Stinger Scorpion Spoon Harness DXCH59 Monkey Puke

Stinger Scorpion Spoon Harness DXCH59 Monkey Puke


Back: copper

Size: 2 1/4 in

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The Michigan Stinger Scorpion spoon harness is rigged to add both the properties of fishing with a spoon and a crawler harness.  The harness is snelled and crimped using a 13 pound test coated wire with VMC hooks. Originally, this method was created on Saginaw Bay to troll for walleye.  As water temperatures warm up, this presentation allows you to troll faster. The combination of spoon and harness has proved to be an extremely effective tactic.  The reason is because you can now troll a crawler at over 2 miles per hour and still get the attention of a fish that wants to eat a crawler.


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