Advance Tackle Michigan Stinger Spoons

The Michigan Stinger Spoons are among the most popular trolling spoons on the Great Lakes and elsewhere.

These spoons were developed to target cold water species.  However, they have proven to be very effective on many other species, including Walleye and Stripers.  Their thin, slightly curved design creates a fluttering motion to attract fish.

Stinger offers a wide selection of unique colors and patterns as well as different sizes.

Scorpion spoons are 2 1/4 inches

Standard spoons are 3 3/4 inches

Stingray spoons are 4 1/4 inches

Magnum spoons are 4 3/4 inches

Each spoon has a copper, silver, glow, or painted back.  The variety of paints and patterns include glow, UV, and hammered.


Check out the Michigan Stinger Spoons site here.

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