Llungen Musky Lures

Llungen musky lures offer a wide variety of baits including award-winning crankbaits, bucktails, and spinnerbaits in attention-grabbing colors.

The .22 short crankbait is can be trolled or cast.  With a great deal of water displacement and a unique rattle, this bait will grab a fish’s attention.  They measure 4 in (5.5 in with lip), and weigh 1oz.

If you like to cast, the .22 short ss crankbait might be for you. This bait was designed for casting but can be trolled as well.  Its square lip enhances vibration and helps prevent snags and hang ups.  This bait has the same effective rattle as the .22 short, measures 4.5 in (5 in with lip) and weighs 1 oz.

Designed by Chad Harmon, the .22 long has a large lip that allows it to dive deeper as well as displace large amounts of water to attract predatory fish.  The pitch and frequency of the rattle change with figure-eight applications to trigger aggressive boat side explosions.

A premium bucktail designed for less drag, the S-8 is perfect for days when fish are not responding to larger profile baits.

Musky have a sweet tooth for bass sized spinnerbaits and Lil Deuce is just that.  Designed to take a beating, this spinnerbait weighs in at 3/4 oz.

Llungen musky lures are manufactured in the USA.

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