Googan Baits

Googan baits are a new, innovative brand of bass plastics developed by the Googan Squad, an inventive group of young YouTubers.

The Bandito Bug puts off a strike-enticing kicking action the second it hits the water. This bait gets its drawing power from the highly engineered flanges attached at the tips of each arm. This patented design will help call in fish and trigger strikes. While in motion,the Bandio Bug looks like a swimming craw or minnow.  While at rest, the infused ”Slaunch Sauce” scent will be enough to convince any onlooking bass to bite.

The Lunker Log draws in bass with its powerful scent.  Rig this bait weightless ‘wacky style’ in skinny water, Texas style around grass or cover, and thread it on the back of a shaky head to pick apart off shore structure.

The Rattlin’ Ned will help you bring the noise. Each 2.75” Rattlin’ Ned is equipped with an internal rattle system that gently puts off a fish-friendly sound upon retrieval. While this is still a classic finesse bait designed specifically for a Ned Rig, the added rattle helps add a fish triggering sound that fish really seem to like.

The Slim Shake Worm can do it all! Rig it on a shaky head, Carolina rig, Texas rig, or even wacky style. The natural action from this subtle bait will help you get a bit even on the toughest day of fishing.

The Trench Hawg’s unique shape and flange create a tons of water displacement which is sure to entice bites.  This beast is great on a Texas rig, but really excels dragged on the bottom as a monster-hunting Carolina rig bait!

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