Bowed Up Lures Custom Perfect 10s

Smithwick Perfect 10’s quickly dive to 10 feet and deeper.  This bait’s classic “Rogue Roll” and unpredictable darting action will tempt even lethargic fish into striking.  Plus, it’s got an attention- grabbing tungsten rattle with a resonant thump to bring in far-away fish.  New high-tech color patterns have been developed with the input of the best jerkbait fishermen in the world.  These colors combined with the lure’s unique “Rogue Roll” produce a side flash to mimic real baitfish and entice fish to bite.

Length: 5 1/2 inches

Weight: 5/8oz

Suspending: 10-12 feet

Cast: 10-12 feet

Troll: 12-15 feet

Each lure is equipped with three super-sharp #4 Gamakatsu hooks.


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